Who are we?

We are a small family run business.

We are Moldavians

As good Moldavians, we love to drink and eat.

Welcome to our place!

Three generations

The beginnings of the PlaceBo were in 2008.
The prodigal son wanted to open a cocktail bar.
On the second day after the opening, guests started asking for food.
The third day, he entered the kitchen and started experimenting.
The result was an overgrown dog (a lot of failed tries) and the recipes that we hope you enjoy at our place.
The pizzaiolo even if not by blood, is part of the family too, by now.
As for the chinese friends in the picture, they are our friends, they were just visiting but we did not wanted to cut them out of the picture.

PlaceBo team

Our recipes

Trial and error and more trial...

You will say: The falafel is not the same I had in the Middle-East !!!
The ceviche is not the same as in Peru !!!

You are absolutely right, our recipes are not even by far identical to the "original" ones. We don't like to imitate. We put soul in every little thing that comes out of the kitchen. We cook with fresh , quality, local ingredients. Trying to obtain the "original" ingredients would be, in our opinion, a huge and unnecessary expense. We hope you enjoy our version of the dishes !

How to get here

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Phone Number

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We are closed for battery recharging
until the 5th of February 2020

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